Issue 4: Transformation of InstiTutions

Digital Art History is often described as a methodological addition to Art History. Moreover, it includes a profound transformation of its institutional framework: server rooms replaced the slide libraries as the former center of art historical departments, museums are concerned with digitizing their collections and making them accessible via virtual exhibitions, and conservators facing challenges preserving digital art with its soft– and hardware.

Issue 3: Digital Space and Architecture

Art history is centrally concerned with a vast array of three-dimensional objects, such as sculptures, and spaces, such as architecture. Digital technologies allow the creation of virtual spaces, which in turn allow us to simulate and compare aspects of a visual culture’s three-dimensional timespace that cannot be communicated as a single, still image. The third issue, thus, focusses on the third dimension in art history, and the digital realm that continues to mediate and transform it.

Issue 2: VIsualizing Big Image data

Big Data and Big Image Data (BID) open up tantalizing new vistas to the art historian. BID as a sub-category or – better yet – an extension of Big Data affords the possibility of processing and analyzing massive amounts of visual material using computational methods. BID will provide art historians with a whole new set of analytic tools, adding new tonal range to our discipline without discarding any of the traditional art historical methods.

Issue 1: What is digital art history?

The Digital Age has revolutionized economy, society, and our private lives. For decades now, digitalization has also touched most branches of the humanities. With the rising importance of the so called digital humanities, art history ist about to change significantly. Thus, the “International Journal for Digital Art History” (DAHJ) will give authors in this field the opportunity to reach a wider audience, spark a discussion on the future of our discipline and generate an international and interdisciplinary network of scholars and practitioners.