Big Image Data within the Big Picture of Art History



The use of the computer in Art History is changing the approach towards our objects of research. Now, we are able to compute more images than a human can see in a lifetime. That, in turn, calls for a new definition of the role of the researcher and the tools being used. The access to large amounts of visual data stands in a tradition of conventional methods of Art History, but also augments them with quantity. This article proposes a theoretical model on which to build an understanding of the meta image with which we interactively derive our conclusions.



Harald Klinke

is co-founder and editor of DAHJ. He is Assistant Professor at the LMU Munich and responsible for the Ph.D. program "Digital Art History". He holds a Ph.D. in Art History and a Master in Business Informatics and has been a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University and researcher at Volkswagen.