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Greg Niemeyer and roger Antonson: the network paradox

The Network Paradox Scroll was first shown at Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco, and since has been traveling to Palo Alto and New York.

Greg Niemeyer’s

work focuses on mediations between individuals, communities and environments. These mediations rely on data manifestations. Data manifestations are materializations of abstract data in the way people can feel. Sea water levels can become compositions for Carillons. Climate data stored in the Vostok Ice Core can become an audio tour. The myriad ways in which nodes in networks can connect to define emergent ways of life can become a gallery exhibit or a multimedia concert.

Niemeyer's work includes collaborations across disciplines and across media from gravure etchings to VR, always with an eye for the poetic foundations of technical protocols.

Roger Antonsen’s

work focuses on Mathematics, Computer Science, and Mathematical Art. For the Network Paradox, Antonsen created a network simulation tool that produced both animations and still images of complex network states that emerge from the very simple rules of networking.

Further shows

Marc Gumpinger: Dop Network, 2019