FEATURE: The Museum Opens



This speculative fiction narrates the experience of a virtual museum environment in the near future. The description extends current capabilities of linked data, visualization, and computational analytics while adding features of virtual and augmented reality. The essay takes a skeptical view of the increased spectacularization of cultural memory experience even as it explores the potential for enriched research, pedagogy, and public knowledge that emerging technological platforms may provide.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.11588/dah.2019.4.66410


Johanna Drucker

is the inaugural Breslauer Professor of Bibliographical Studies in the Department of Information Studies at UCLA. She is internationally known for her work in the history of graphic design, typography, experimental poetry, fine art, and digital humanities. In addition, she has a reputation as a book artist, and her limited edition works are in special collections and libraries worldwide. 

Her titles include SpecLab: Digital Aesthetics and Speculative Computing (Chicago, 2009), and Graphic Design History: A Critical Guide (Pearson, 2008, 2nd edition late 2012). She is currently working on a database memoire, ALL, the online Museum of Writing in collaboration with University College London and King’s College, and a letterpress project titled Stochastic Poetics. A collaboratively written work, Digital_Humanities, with Jeffrey Schnapp, Todd Presner, Peter Lunenfeld, and Anne Burdick is forthcoming from MIT Press.