Centering Art History & Visual Culture in the Digital Humanities


A Symposium Celebrating 10 Years of the Wired! Lab at Duke University


John Taormina


October 17-18, 2019



October 17, 2019
Keynote: "Digital Architectural and Art History: A View from the Field"
Patricia Morton, University of California, Riverside

October 18, 2019
I. Morning Session: Spatial Problems Across Time 

"No One of Us Is Them: Diverse Proxy Phenomenology in Pompeii"
David Fredrick, University of Arkansas

"Experiencing Temporalities: Space and Pace in Late Ottoman Istanbul"
Burcak Ozludil, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Augustus Wendell, Duke University

"The Rules of Engagement: Thoughts about prolonged user interaction with virtual environments with a focus on UCLA’s reconstruction model of the World’s Columbian Exposition (Chicago, 1893)"
Lisa Snyder, University of California, Los Angeles

II. Afternoon Session: Digital Methods in the Early Modern Moment

"Mapping Social Context: The DECIMA as a Platform for Spatial Art History"
Colin Rose, Brock University

"The Mind of Michelangelo on Paper"
Mauro Mussolin, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and Leonardo Pili, Graphic Designer

"Visualizing Lost Landscapes: Sources, Stratigraphy, and Close Reading in Mapping Qing Imperial Parks"
Stephen Whiteman, Courtauld Institute of Art

III. Roundtable: Past and Futures of the Spatial Humanities for Art History and Visual 

Wired! Lab Faculty and Staff

Sponsored by the Wired! Lab for Art History & Visual Culture and the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies. Free and open to the public.